A Time of Forgiving - The Christmas Musical

A Time of Forgiving - The Christmas Musical

It is Christmas Eve...

Joshua and Laura have 3 children. It is their fifteen year wedding anniversary.
Twelve hours ago they separated.

Tonight, this family will take a journey that will make them...or break them.

From the first Christmas Eve they met, each year has held great significance to Joshua and Laura. They were married on Christmas Eve. Laura's birthday is on Christmas Eve.Their youngest daughter Noelle was born on Christmas Eve. All of their family traditions are based around Christmas Eve.

Yet somehow, despite the extraordinary Christmas Eve coincidences, they have forgotten Christmas meaning. So busily caught up in the modern world that the First Night of Jesus Christs's birth and the one true gift he brought to mankind holds no more than superficial meaning to Joshua and Laura.

So much so that tonight, their night of nights, Laura is at home, alone with the children and her parents trying to hold together a family fast falling apart. Joshua left twelve hours ago. And he isn't coming back.

Tonight, they will each take a journey of last hope. A gift brought to each of them that will tear them as far apart from each other as possible. It is the only way left to bring them back together.

Tonight, one way or another, they all discover that Christmas is not a time to give...

Christmas is A Time of Forgiving.

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