The pieces that doesn’t fit in to the puzzle. The passionate and merciless, tearing the past apart over and over again. Avatar are the once who never rest, never stay and dwell in what has happened before. They know what they’re doing. They know what has to be done. They are the voices in your head.

Avatar and their followers are the once who dare to see their full potential, not afraid to stare deep into whatever darkness that comes their way. Founded in the then young Swedish boy John Alfredsson’s mind by the turn of the millennium, they have always stood for relentlessness and determination. With the addition of every new member the energy has risen like a mushroom cloud. Avatar means a God in disguise. Nothing but greatness is accepted. With the blunt force that is metal music Avatar has set out to claim their kingdom; Earth.

With their new album – Black Waltz – Avatar is once again standing on the front line, ready to fight for everything insane. By having the courage to let the music take them wherever it needs to go they’ve reached lands and soundscapes  never seen or heard of before. They play the soundtrack to the end of world and give you the greatest show of the apocalypse. - avatar.net

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