Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck

Man In The Moon is the exciting new stage spectacle by America’s premiere storyteller—Glenn Beck!  On July 6th, prepare yourself for a truly once in a lifetime experience.  Under the stars in Salt Lake City, Utah’s USANA Amphitheatre, Glenn will present his “moon’s eye view” of the building of America.  It’s Glenn Beck’s imagination come to life.  It’s Man In The Moon, a story like no other from the creative mind of a storyteller like no other—Glenn Beck.

Man In The Moon will excite and engage all your senses.  At times, it will seem to defy logic.  The visual spectacle will be beside you…in front of you…behind you.  You’re not just watching a show—you’re inside the show.  You’ll be swept into a world of mesmerizing creations.  Everything will be larger than life, and the moon itself will be there, shining bigger and brighter than you have ever seen it.  The moon reminds us of how small we are, and how infinite the universe. The moon has been there from the beginning, reminding us that there is something bigger, something greater than us.

If you’re ready for the ultimate Glenn Beck experience, you’ll definitely want to take advantage of a Gold, Silver or Bronze VIP ticket package.  Not only will they treat you to “can’t get ‘em anywhere else” collectibles, but you’ll also slip behind the velvet rope and get to enjoy a weekend full of activities, including a special breakfast speech, a Q&A session, a delicious BBQ, an exciting and informative FreedomWorks event, and an up-close-and-personal meet and greet with Glenn himself!  Of course, if you just want to see this incredible show, the Preferred or General Admission Lawn seating are fantastic options as well.  As long as you’re there, you’re in for a night you’ll never forget. 

This show that will help you see our history from a completely different point of view, one that will give you hope.  Glenn has created an experience that will lift up your family, bring you closer together, and forever change the way we all look at ourselves and the Man In the Moon.  We were always the people that believed a brighter future was just about to dawn.  On July 6th, Glenn Beck will make you believe that again.

This whole show is about magic and hope…light and dark…family and God…history and the future.  It’s a story of struggle and triumph, good and evil, and simple people finding a better way.  It’s about what millions of Americans want:  Hope, and to believe in goodness and our country again.  Make a new American Memory with your family that none of you will ever forget.  Believe In America…believe in us again!  Remember, as long as you buy your ticket, you’ll get to say that you were there to see Glenn Beck’s Man In The Moon!

Tickets include both:

Freedom Works Show
Friday, July 5
Doors open at 6:00pm
Showtime is 7:30pm to 9pm
(See below for event info.)

Man in the Moon Show
Saturday, July 6
Doors open at 6pm
Showtime is 9pm to 10:30pm

About the FreedomWorks Show July 5th:

Free the People 2013 at the USANA Amphitheater on July 5th!
To save America's future, we must first Free the People.

FreedomWorks – a service center to over 2 million grassroots activists – intends to do exactly that. Under the stars in Salt Lake City, Free the People 2013 is an event celebrating and inspiring the American entrepreneur. An all-star lineup of conservative icons will inspire the crowd to unleash America's innovative spirit, rein in government's meddlesome bureaucracy and restore the American dream.

Free the People will celebrate three distinct types of entrepreneurs: 
- The legislative entrepreneur, who pushes back against the political elite, shakes up the entrenched establishment and ultimately overcomes powerful special interests.
- The commercial entrepreneur, who takes risks, invests capital, brings goods to market and provides jobs for his fellow citizens.
- The social entrepreneur, who works with friends, family and neighbors to solve problems at the local level – without the “help” of big government.

The best way to overcome an oppressive government is to start a revolution from the bottom-up. A revolution of ideas, of principles, and of solutions. A revolution of engaged citizens determined to leave behind a better life for their children and grandchildren.
The time is now to take a stand, plant our flag and take action.

Free the People will be a call to action for America’s brightest innovators to break free from the shackles of regulation; a platform for dreamers with big ideas to rise above big government and help save America!

With millions out of work thanks to a sputtering, government-centric economy, robust growth is desperately needed – and only American ingenuity can bring our country back from the brink.

Free the People 2013 will light the fuse, rekindling our spirits and restoring our dreams. Join the freedom movement in Salt Lake City, and be part of the first step in America’s comeback!

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