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Don't miss out on a night of harsh EBM music when Grendel brings their tour with Ludovico Technique and DJ Electronic Commando to Area 51 August 8th!

Date: 2014-08-08
Time: 8:00 PM
Ticket Price: $12 Adv/$15 Day Of

Special Information: Must be 21+ to attend.

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Grendel started out in 1997 under a different name, but due to the band splitting up the name was changed into the current one. VLRK continued under the name Grendel, which originates from a character from the old Anglo-Saxon tale 'Beowulf'.

In 2000 Grendel's first promo CD was released which included the Dutch dance floor hit 'Strangers'. Within a very short period of time the promo was being played at many locations throughout the Netherlands and internationally.

To follow this up, the "End of Ages EP" was released in 2002 and marked new territory for Grendel with tracks such as the international hit title-track "End of Ages", the pounding "Catastrophe" and the intrigueing "Noisome". With the unorthodox and original use of orchestration, obscure samples incorporated with harsh and pounding EBM structures this release again recieved almost only great reactions from both the media and listeners and would set Grendel's sound for the future.

In 2003, Grendel recorded their second full-length release, entitled "Prescription : Medicide". This album took another step deeper into the world of [Grendel] with it's complex, yet harsh, pounding & danceable structures, dismal orchestration and distressed nature. It meant a big breakthrough for the band, recieving many great reviews, becoming album of the month in a.o. Zillo and Orkus plus reaching top 5 positions in underground charts world wide.

Later, "Soilbleed" was released, which instantly became an unmissable dancefloor classic. This gained a huge amount of support, great reviews and maintained top 5 positions in a.o. the DAC & DUC for maximum periods. As a consequence of this EP's success, the band was highly occupied with performances and tours world wide for the next year and a half.

In 2006, VLRK and new members found time to work on their third full length album entitled "Harsh Generation". This album marked new territory for the band, which a more matured sound and style, gaining more support and success & taking them to the top of the genre. After it's release in early 2007, this album remained on top 5 positions (often peaking at no. 3) on the DAC and GEWC and remained there for maximum periods of time.

Due to the success of this album, Grendel spent the following years touring intensively worldwide and drawing increasingly larger audiences. Eventually, in 2009, the "Chemicals + Circuitry" EP was written & recorded. This turned out to be a slight diversion from the band's familiar sound, exploring different sounds and styles. Luckily the response to this was positive, again reaching top 5 positions in the charts and becoming a staple record for EBM/Industrial DJs across the globe.

And most recently, in 2012, Grendel released the "Timewave : Zero" album on Infacted Records (EU) and Metropolis Records (US). This album is both a return to their signature sound and taking on various influences from contemporary EDM styles, such as Trance, Complex Electro, House and Techno. All of this together has created the most mature Grendel sound to date and has gained highly positive feedback from both fans and media, scoring top positions in the DAC, GEWC, mailorder sales charts and more.

Be part of the harsh generation and live by the bassline! -

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