MX Race Series - Race #11 with Mini MX #6 photo

MX Race Series - Race #11 with Mini MX #6

Check out the BEST Motocross series in the state October 17th at RMR!

Date: 2014-10-17
Time: 6:00 PM
Ticket Price: Adults: $10/Kids (5-12): $5

Special Information: Gates: 4pm, Practice: 5pm, Racing: 6pm-11:30pm. Kids under 5 are free. Free Popcorn for every ticket purchased through Smith’s Tix. Redeem at concessions at RMR on the night of the race.

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RMR MX Races - The BEST Motocross series in the state! See the night races under the lights!

2014 Motocross Park MX Race Schedule:

Race 2 - May 2
Race 3 - May 16
Race 4 - May 30
Race 5 - June 16 (with Mini MX Series #5)
Race 6 - June 20
Race 7 - July 18 - Wild West Series 
Race - July 19 - Wild West Series 
Race 8 - July 24 - MX Pioneer Extravaganza
Race 9 - August 2
Race 10 - September 5-6 (and Type 1 Racing)
Race 11 - October 17 (with Mini MX #6)
Race - October 18 - MX Race Series - Salt Lake Moto GP, USRA Desert

Gates: 4pm
Practice: 6pm
Racing: 7:15pm

RMR Rain Out Policy:
In a situation where an event has been cancelled please retain your ticket stub. It can be brought back to the ticket booth for a future event of equal or lesser value, not including special events.

Paid tickets can be used as a credit for another event. *Some dates excluded

In the case that RMR Management decides to call an event as complete, ticket exchanges will not be permitted.

All sales are final. No refunds will be given. RMR is not responsible for lost, stolen or faded tickets.

Venue Details

Utah has a long and siginificant history in racing and Rocky Mountain Raceways is PROUD to keep that tradition going.  The history of racing in Utah began with the Bonneville Salt Flats.  A long stretch of hard salt surface perfect for getting early racing automobiles to reach their top speeds.  Racing began in the salt flats as early as 1925 when Ab Jenkins, driving a Studebaker, beat a special excursion train by ten minutes in a race across the flats.

Since that time the Bonneville Salt Flats have attracted racers from around the world and have become the site of numerous land speed records.  Through the early 1930?s to the 1970?s many world land speed records were broken here.  In 1938,  the Englishman George Eyston’s Thunderbolt traveled more than 345 miles per hour sparking a friendly rivalry of racers between Malcom Campbell’s Blue Bird and John Cobb’s Railton.  Each breaking one another’s records.

In 1968 the Bonneville Raceways officially opened it’s gates where we are currently operating today.  Bonneville Raceways became a racing destination for folks all around the country and was a meeting place for race fans all over Utah.  Through the 70?s to the mid 90?s, Bonneville held their infamous Fox Hunt races with a vibrant race culture where thousands of teens could park their cars next to the chain link fence and bring their coolers and watch the dragsters.  During one of the annual Fox Hunt races on May 28, 1988 a riot broke out after changes in the pit, ice chest, and Alcohol rules.  Scores of police officers from several jurisdictions attempted to calm the crowd after many were injured while many others were arrested.  This has famously became known as the “Fox Hunt Riot.”

During this this time, many early great racers came to Bonneville.  Greats like Shirley “Cha Cha” Muldowney, a pioneer in women’s drag racing with her trademark pink rail.  Drag racing legend Jerry Ruth, the “king” of Northwest drag racing also raced here many times. Bonneville was surely a destination for racing greats and their fans.

In 1995 a local racing fan, Spencer Young from the Young Automotive Group approached Bonneville to buy and remodel the facility.  This was the beginning of Rocky Mountain Raceways.  The facility was expanded to include a state of the art quarter mile drag strip and an oval track.  With a brand new facility, professionally run tracks, s