Backstreet Boys vs. *NSYNC

The Depot
8:00 pm
Ticket Pricing $10

Come experience a slice of boy band heaven as you attend the hottest DJ night with DJ FRESHNESS and Jay R The Superstar spinning Backstreet Boys vs. Nsync! Make it a nostalgic night out with friends as you dance and sing along to your favorite tracks from both iconic bands. As you indulge in listening to your favorite tracks like, “Bye, bye, bye” and “It’s gonna be me,” from Nsync, to Backstreet Boy hits like, “Quit playing games,” and “As long as you love me,” you’re bound to have a favorite, you’ll feel compelled to live your best life on the dance floor.


Special Information On Sale: Apr. 12 @ 10am. Must be 21+ to attend. Doors open at 8pm.