Tommy Lee & DJ Aero

The Cabin
8:00 pm
Ticket Pricing GA: $35/VIP: $100

To party with Tommy Lee is to have so much $%&*@ fun, it hurts. As DJs and producers, Tommy Lee & DJ Aero's sound is dirty, filthy, nasty electro-house; and since their musical tastes are not constrained to one genre, the duo often veers into techno, progressive, breakbeat and even hip-hop territory. Today, Tommy Lee & DJ Aero are essentially remixing music live, on-the-fly, when performing as DJs. They’re also creating, manipulating and incorporating visuals into their live DJ sets. This is DJing as a multi-media show bordering on performance art. Witness it for yourself as we party July 13th at The Cabin!

Special Information Must be 21+ to attend.