I Did It You Can Do It Too

The Falls Event Center - Salt Lake City
10:00 am
Ticket Pricing $299

Its almost time for those fabulous holidays & our exciting holiday new year 's goals and resolutions!! 

Come on out to one of the best speaking events you'll ever go to, with people that will inspire you to want to make new resolutions,  follow the dreams and reach those attainable goals!!  

This will be a speaking event unlike any you you have been to before. We have tried to make this very diversified,  and bring in 5 different types of speakers, there will be Q&A's , there will be raffles, food, and all kinds of amazing fun!! The second day is a retreat...kind of like a gym or spa day, so come dressed accordingly! You will have talks but you are going to dance and exercise  too!

All this fun can be had at:

" The Falls at Trolley Square " in Salt Lake City Utah on January 5th and 6th 2018, From 10:00am to 4:00pm.

Robert Shapiro 
George B. Severson 
Janeen Golightly
Sydney Dawn N'Hall
Thurl Bailey