UCW-Zero: Summer Assault

UCW-Zero Arena
6:00 pm
Ticket Pricing GA Adult: $15/GA Child: $5

The mat pounding wrestling action is heating up at UCW-Zero. There are a lot of hotheads in the Tag Team division who all want the Tag Team Title Belts. It is clear that Andrew Sowell will stop at nothing to retain the heavyweight title. The Ultra-X Belt has been defended in what we may call a less than honorable fashion, you better bring your "A" game (and some friends) if you plan on taking that Belt from Derrick Jannetty and his side kick Radical Ricky who always seems to turn the tide to Jannetty's favor. Then there is the strange occurrence where Adan Reyes is now the Women's Champion, there is a lot of controversy surrounding that situation. Join us for an evening that will be sure to make your emotions boil over.